The Leather Company

In the past 30 years The Leather Company has become a successful manufacturer, retailer and wholesaler of quality leather products produced to the highest standards. Our traditional style of leather working can design or create products for large production runs to single custom items. Repairs, supplies and classes are also a big part of our community services and have produced many locals interested in a soon forgotten craft.

Our staff have been expertly trained to hand make some of the finest quality leather products in the world. We stand by our work and have a reputation for selling high quality products at affordable prices.

If we say it’s leather then you better believe it’s made from 100% genuine leather. Many competitors make false claims of being real leather and selling at costs that prove it’s not leather. We provide personal service and exceptional quality. All of our services and products are guaranteed.


The Leather Company
Custom Leather Goods in the heart of Monterey
Founded in Monterey, CA, USA by John Wright in 1984.
638 Lighthouse Ave, Monterey, CA 93940
Phone:(831) 717-4894


Our unparalleled service, competitive prices, and overall value are why our loyal customers won’t go anywhere else. We are your source for everything leather and leather reupholstering. Some of our specialties include:



Extensive experience repairing leather accessories

Saddlery + Tack gear

Tooled Leather Goods

Wallets, badge holders, daily planners, book covers

Mens satchels

Custom laptop/Ipad cases



Holsters: Hip, side, and ankle (for guns and knifes)

Money belts

Exotic leather

Customized leather goods. Come to us and we will design one of kind gifts with that will last a lifetime.

Below is an example of a custom laptop case



Over 30 years experience making, repairing, reupholstering and custom designs. We believe leather restoration has become an essential part of preserving family history & items with special meaning. We take great pride bringing our decades of experience to these special projects. Come to us and learn how to preserve your special leather items.


Address: 638 Lighthouse Ave, Monterey, CA 93940 Phone:(831) 717-4894


A Customer came with a rattle snake skin and an idea for a guitar strap. Below is what we made for him. Come to us with your custom leather gift ideas.


A customer came to us with an idea for Elk skin pants. We agreed on an example pattern, ordered the Elk skin leather, and used our experience to improvise as needed. Below is how the Elk skin was crafted from concept to a functional, comfortable finished product.

Custom Leather Gift Ideas


Gun Cases
Gun Straps
Gun Holsters
Gun Ammo + holster belts
Leather Badge holders
Leather arrow quiver
Suitcase handles
Suitcase covers
Suitcase custom embossing
Ax/sword/knife handles
Ax/sword/knife cases and holsters
Ax blade covers
Leather custom blacksmith apron
Leather custom welding apron
Leather custom horseshoeing
Leather custom chaps
Knife chef roll ups
Belt holders for Ax/knife/sword/tools
Kane handles
Custom utility harness and belts
Custom patches for where ever a leather patch can be applied.
Gift box covers
Gift box suede interiors
Leather bible covers
Leather photo album covers
Leather business items for holding contracts to be signed/displayed
Leather writing desk covers
Leather lanyards
Leather custom day planners
Leather custom checkbook holders
Leather document holders
Leather watch bands
Leather headphone case
Leather iPad case
Leather computer case
Leather harness for camera gear
Leather harness for movie set grip gear
Leather custom directors chair
Hard leather case for holding digital instruments
Carved leather clock interior
Leather gold watch case
Leather musical instrument cases
Leather guitar strap
Leather suede interior for instrument cases

We offer group and individual leather making classes for kids and adults.


Would you like to learn more about classes or individual lessons? Contact us to get on the mailing list for upcoming classes.

We'd Love to Hear from you

We love messages or call us (831) 717-4894

We have been in business for over 30 years. Below are some of our early customer letters.



Do you have any questions or ideas for us? Contact us using the form below or give us a call at 831-717-4894.



We'd Love to Hear from you

We love messages or call us (831) 717-4894