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Personalized Belts Sales are final. No refund or exchange, so please make sure you are selecting the correct size based from our formula in this listing. Also personalized belts are stamped with standard 3/4″ letters in the middle-back of the belt on the top side of the Belt. Unless further details are discussed prior to your order.
***FIRST You Must Choose Belt Size: 28″ to 60″ Belt sizes are standard in stock.
(62″ up to 80″ are custom orders and additional fees apply to larger sizes)

Belt sizing is made easy by following 3 simple steps.
1. Take your current size pants you wear regularly.
2. Add 2” to this size.
3. Round up to the nearest even size.
Example: Pants 36 + 2 = 38 Belt
Pants 33 + 2 = 35 round up to 36 Belt

(Please don’t use old belts or guess. Remember this belt will last a lifetime and should be ordered to fit. If this method isn’t available please use a cloth measure tape and put it through your belt loops to measure your waist wearing the type of jeans you would wear with this type of belt. All of our belts are measured on the inside for the correct fit over your jeans. This method has proven to work well when these instructions are followed. Please note if you order the wrong size after using this formula you will be responsible for return shipping to exchange the belt for the correct size. Belt can not show signs of wear and return must be made with in 10 days of purchase.)

***SECOND Choose Buckle Color: Antique Nickle or Antique Brass

***THIRD Choose Color of Leather: Dark Brown, Black or Russet (see pictures)

My Latigo Leather belts are handmade from our finest selection of California Latigo Leather tanned in the USA. These belts are made out of one thick 8 to 10 ounce piece of leather (just over 1/8″ thick) which is thicker than conventional department store leather belts. The leather is dyed throughout at the tannery so any of the deep yellow scratches do not show like many handmade belts. There are no layers of laminated leather, no gluing, and no cardboard fillers like the cheap imports that always crack and fall apart. Decorative stitching has been added around the edge with small neat stitching for a clean and more finished appeal. Quality edging and Italian coloring is applied to edge to give a rounded and smooth edge that won’t cut into your waist and become uncomfortable to wear. The buckles are high quality Solid Brass Antique Nickel or Solid Antique Brass and are attached with snaps which will allow you to change the buckle to your favorite Trophy Buckle at anytime. These belts are available in sizes 28″ to 80″ and in 3 colors: black, dark brown, and russet. (Custom sizes 62″ – 80″ are special order and additional fees do apply.)

Have you ever owned a belt and wished there was a hole in between the standard 1” holes? Well we punch 7 holes ¾” apart to give you much more adjustment. This belt will give you that extra little adjustment after a great holiday meal. Hold this belt in your hands and you can feel the difference and the exceptional quality over any belt on a retail display rack anywhere. All belts come with a 3 year guarantee but you won’t need it, since these belts can last well over 25 years. With a little love and care; you won’t need to buy another belt ever, unless you need another color or want to give a friend a gift that will be remembered for years to come.

Break in Period: Remember you are buying a brand new belt made from solid leather. When the belt first arrives it will be a little stiff. Please be patient and wear the belt daily for a couple of weeks. After this break in period the belt will practically become a part of you. The leather will soften and your favorite hole will stretch slightly and will feel like a glove around your waist.

Genuine Leather Guarantee: This belt is cut from the finest California Latigo hides. The markings & irregularities that may appear on this belt are natures own, and assure you of authentic leather. Color lots also change slightly during tanning. The color on your monitor may be slightly different from the belt you receive.

***You Must Choose Size, Color of leather and Solid Brass or Antique Nickel Buckle***


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